Caminargent. Pierre Caminade, the founder. Caminade a trademark. Also Caminargent a trademark. Camin as the abbreviation of Caminade, and Argent, meaning "silver" in French. Also meaning "money". Silver of course being the main metal for coins at the time when French language evolved into something remotely like it's current form.

Anyway, this is one is almost finished, two to go. Maybe. Not sure you need more than one example of a given bike/brand. And before that there are other examples of aluminium bikes which need attention: a mecadural, and a nice Gnome et Rhone which some juvenile nut painted black with a can of spray (the worst invention since syphillys) because he thought it was more "Gothic Death Trash Punk Hard Metal Punk Rock" style.

Polished entirely by hand. Because you can get more shine with a load less effort using a bench polisher and stripping the bike down, or going over it with a dremmel grinder with a brass brush on the end (unfortunately, quite a few pigs out there doing that, causes irreversible damage), but you are bound to remove too much material, and polish off some distinguishing feature. This is just enough to make the bike look presentable, but mainly a way of removing the aluminium oxide which if left untouched will pit the surface badly. Also a bit of shine shows any tends however small: they stand out like warts on Snow White's nose.

I guess that if you click on these awful photos, you can "supersize" them. Of interest here is the derailleur lever setup: a Simplex but with a little aluminium shroud around the cable guide. hadn't seen that one before. Also interesting is the originality of the bike. Except for the saddle, lighting, wingnuts, pedals (and alloy fender stays which had been replaced by steel) replaced by your's truly, and the cabling, maybe the rack and chainguard replaced by the previous owner, the bike is 100 % original. Like it or not, these things were not all delivered with square spindle BB sets and allot Stronglight cranks. It would have been easy to fit that gear, plenty of spares here, but if a bike comes original with a given spec, it stays original. Otherwise there's no limit to the amount of tampering you get into, like disguising donkies as racing horses. Big market for that, actually...