da_masively_cool_fixie_job_shotThat's a picture of the most massively cool fixie job ever. It's likely that if you click on that image you get a full size shot which will blow your mind. And I ain't saying that because I did the job from a old track frame. So why's a fixie so Joe Cool right now with the kiddies? Simple: it's simple. Minimalist approach. No need for any mechanical knowledge. Self endagerment through lack of stopping ability (come on, don't gimme the crap about bunny hopping, anything cut's across you it'll be bunny droppings in your pants). And fashion. Like over here in Europe, we're unfortunately catching fixie fever, and all the nerds are trashing perfectly good geared bikes to make ersatz track bikes for road use. They got chainlines you wouldn't want on a chainsaw, parts which fit more or less, and they perform hopelessly. In a town maybe they're ok, but get out in the countryside with some hills (google "hill" fixie owners), you walk. So, how long is this stupidity going to last ? Just as long as the last fashion, MTB's. Geeks spending thousands on tractors with tig welding which should carry a death penalty it's so crude, too many gears to be of any use, and the things get used on the road. Above 15 mph you got great whooshy squishy noise from the tires, and you were stuck to the road. So it's a fashion, and as an old geezer I'm all for it, because with a properly set up steel bike with gears, I can trash any fixie in the world.artwork